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"Thank you so much for your site. I had no idea where to look when I needed a contractor until I found Hire-Contractors.com. I will be sure to visit your site again for my next house project. Thanks!"

Kansas City , KS
Our goal is to help you find reputable local contractors to meet your project needs. Contractors within our partner network are already prescreened and verified and ready to bid on your project. When you submit a project request form, you will be contacted by up to 5 contractors interested in your project. This is a FREE SERVICE to the homeowner with no obligation.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much will this cost me?
What is your privacy policy?
What benefit is there for me?

How much will this cost me?

Nothing. This service is completely free to you with no obligation to use contractors in our network.

What is your privacy policy?

We have a very strict privacy policy. We will never turn any of your information over to spam services. If you authorize us, we will only give your contact information over to prescreened local contractors who are interested in bidding on your project. These contractors are likewise under contract obligation to not resell your information to another party.

What benefit is there for me?

At Hire-Contractors.com you may easily search contractors to access local phone and contact information. Additionally, if you have a specific project need, you may fill out a simple online form to have prequalified contractors compete for your project. You benefit by having prescreened local contractors compete for your business at no cost to you and with no obligation.

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